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Fax and diskette.

Svan Data AB was founded. Work was carried out with a PC and our customers received their statistics by air-mail and eventually by fax.
Statistics were placed manually on the computer and printed on paper or stored on a diskette.



Technical developments made statistics more effective. Windows, CompuServe and later on as the Internet became available; statistics could be distributed by e-mail. Designing statistical tables received
larger variations thanks to more advanced statistical programs.
Statistics from many additional branches and countries became avaliable for both monthly and annual reporting.


Greater memory capacities

Internet continued to make new developments. Many additional Customs and Excise Departments delivered their statistics by e-mail instead of CD/DVD, which made managing trade statistics more effective. The memory capacities of computers increased and larger amounts of statistics could be used, both locally and on the Internet. Statistics were gathered monthly from all branches from more than fifty countries and annually from more than one hundred fifty countries.


Web distribution

Communications over the Internet has become more important as more and more countries in the World get online. At the same time, computer storage capacity also has increased. Svan Data introduced Web
Distribution during 2010 and will continue to develop distribution and designing statistics, in order to provide user-friendly products.


Revolutionary step

At SvanData, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way you explore statistics. With the rapid expansion of the internet and global connectivity, we are proud to unveil our latest web application in 2024. Dive into a world of enriched data comparison and analysis, empowering you with insights like never before. Join us on this exciting journey to discover a new era of statistical exploration.