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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a subscription work for you?

You can choose to recive the file directly in the mailbox of people within the company or you can get a link where you can download the report from our cloud service.

Europe sends out the statistics differently, why?

Most European countries first report trade with non-European countries (Extra), Trade within the EU can be one month later (intra)

Why does the value from the export from country x differ from the import from country x in country y?

This is because Exports are FOB and Imports are CIF.

FOB= The export is from the exportig countrys’s home port.

CIF= Imports are from the exporter’s home port to the importer’s customs border.

Can we also get statistics from used vehicles?

Yes, we have customers today who receive statistics on import / exports of used vehicles.

How are Custom codes structured?

The first 6 digits are international, the digits after xxxxxx (yyyy) may differs from country to country, but we can find the codes you are looking for in all countries.

Can you give historical numbers?

Yes, for some countries we have statistics sincethe 90s.

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Have a Question Or Need to Make An Appointment? Email Us!